Increase Market Share though flexible financing

Our purpose is to create customized financial services programs that enable you, our vendor partners, to sell more of your equipment, more profitably, while ensuring incremental revenue and income opportunities in the future.

Why Offer Financing?

Empower your teams to sell more of your solutions, more profitably, and ensure increased revenue opportunities in the future.

  • Close More Deals

  • Close Larger Deals

  • Generate Additional Margin

  • Improve Client Satisfaction

  • Shorten Sales Cycles

  • Improve Financial Metrics

Why Partner with Harbor Capital?

Harbor Capital is an independent lessor with a very unique business model in that we own and operate our own equipment return / refurbishment facility and the entire off-lease equipment disposition process. Owning the entire lifecycle enables us to offer your customers the best leasing experience possible with very competitive and flexible arrangements. Our programmatic approach focuses on providing long-term value for you, our vendor partner as well as your customers.

Unique Market Position

Backed by 25 years of experience in material handling and financial services, our market expertise is unparalleled; and, as an independently owned organization, we have additional flexibility to help our partners design solutions that our competition simply couldn’t offer.

Programmatic Approach

Harbor Capital is focused on building long-term relationships and protecting your brand reputation. Not only is Harbor Capital committed to your success today, but tomorrow and into the future.

Client-Focused Offering

Our offering is rooted in transparency and integrity, that is aimed at delighting your clients.